About Hominy Valley Farms

Hominy Valley Farms - Land and Cattle is a remnant of what many family farms here in the mountains used to be.  Our family is the third generation to live and farm on this land, and beyond us now we would like to see the opportunity for the forth and fifth genrations to carry on.

In order to keep farming in these mountains, with varying amounts of level tillable land as well as mountainside pastures, and wooded mountain land - a farm works best if it is diversified in its enterprises.  

For us, that means we raise beef cattle, which are fine with the hillsides, and pastured chickens that make a great partner for the cattle operation.  We have rediscovered the beauty of pigs and the part they play in a diverse operation.  We put in a "market garden" - a few acres of all the vegetable you can dream of growing in our summer season. Finally, we include a few small fruit projects, which work around the other projects and literally sweeten our lives and bring joy.