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A Little While

Posted 9/25/2016 3:36pm by Jeanette Wilson.

To say it has been a while since the blog was updated is a little understatement. When we last talked…the focus was starting to be on really pursuing things that brought deep joy in the process.    That was a great plan for almost a year, and then all of us here got to walk a path that instead led through a valley of sorrow – yet in the end there remains joy – and peace.  

As of this writing it has been almost exactly one year since my beloved, Frank, went ahead of me to be with the Lord. He endured a year of living with a serious form of cancer, one unlikely to be cured, so we pursued things that were in keeping with our longtime beliefs. And God was Faithful.  

We learned so many lessons and shared precious things along the way. Not just Frank and I, but our children and all our loved ones.

So what does the farm look like today?   Weedy in places. Still home to a sweet herd of black Gelbvieh cows and their young Bull-in-Chief.

It’s because of my brother that all this is possible. Phil and I lost our Dad a few months before Frank, and even though neither of us wanted the farm to wind down, Phil was the only one who could handle the kind of work that cattle require. So he did. And does. Despite many other obligations and joys in his life.  

We are not producing any calves for retail beef sales now. So no tailgate markets. And the garden yielded an amazing harvest of weeds of all sorts – at least my section.  

But Faith that is sturdy (and the Scriptures that support it) will hold even under pressure. Mine has.  

After realizing that I was at a real fork in my road, all the kids grown, one final year in college for our youngest – I decided to take a spin-off of Frank’s construction company and push it into a more formal cleaning business. Bluesparrowcleaning.com  

It allows me to pursue my favorite occupation of all, caring for people. So using the means of cleaning, I now get to care for customers, cleaning helpers, and those on my list of “care-targets”.  

I also decided to open up our home occasionally for folks coming to visit this area. If you are looking to stay right in downtown, this is not your place. But if a spot high above the pastures appeals to you, welcome.  Sparrow's Nest Farm Cottage

And on your way up the mountain, you will pass a grassy spot. There are a couple of stones there. One for a little son that years ago we said, “See you in a little bit” to. And another beside it marking a spot where a great man’s bones await the Resurrection. My name and birthdate are on there too. Not something to make me sad.

Ours was not at all a goodbye – just one more repetition of a favorite phrase –

“See you in a little while!”