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Film Update

Posted 10/14/2011 6:27pm by Jeanette Wilson.

It's been several weeks now since we began participating in the FARMERS FILM project.  First, the folks producing it gave us a camera and told us to start filming our days.  They did that for 3 other farms as well.  The purpose?  To let folks see more of the real issues facing small, sustainable farms.  


As the weeks are passing, we have been forced to think hard about what is good and what is not-so-great about our farm endeavors.  We realize that the camera may truly add more than ten pounds (just kidding), and that much of what we do happens over and over and over.  


Since we are trying new things like raising pigs, we are putting ourselves out there somewhat, and letting others see what we are optimistic about.  After being told that they love "drama" we confessed that we try to live as "drama-free" lives as possible.  Once in a while something still gets us though, and a little of that footage made it in lately.  

So check out the webisodes (little samples) that have been showing up all fall at farmersfilm.com

and stay tuned.  In the end these will get to be longer episodes and let a pretty wide group of folks watch our failures and even better, our successes!