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Labors of Love

Posted 4/1/2011 6:16pm by Jeanette Wilson.

What is a tried and true way to let someone know you like them?  Candy? Flowers? Notes, jewelry, homecooked meals?  Songs written just for the beloved?  But what about that old favorite...the henhouse?!


Yes, I know that last one is a little out of the ordinary.  Its just that if you know who you are dealing with, sometimes you have to adjust your idea of the perfect gift.  And Frank knows enough to tell what I really want by now.  

And he is gifted enough to make just about anything!  So this week, we transported the newest, most custom-built henhouse down the mountain from where he built it, to the lower hayfield where it will move each week, hens inside, to fresh pasture when they get up the next morning.  I was tickled to see the design, all his, including skylight panels to make sure they get long days, and roosts made from thin trees to help them feel comfortable all night. But the coolest thing is the little sliding doors into each nest so I can gather eggs (or any of us who want the ultra-fresh egg) from the outside!  As one who has made many a trip to the henhouse, I love this feature! 

Now Frank has deep roots in construction, and this was no real big deal - except for the care it involved. I am not sure he thought I even needed more laying hens.  Both of us have seen the benefits to our pastures from the broiler chickens, so that was my edge I think.  

Today, I got to get my new hens and move them in.  I think I speak for them when I say they LOVED their new digs.  Shouldn't be but a few weeks before they show their gratitiude on a daily basis.  

Now there's only a couple more things I can think of on my list of wants for the farm.  One of them gives milk.  And I have experience in taking care of them already.  I am afraid that Frank doesn't think I need that gift either. Anybody remember which anniversary is the one for giving a Jersey? We are bound to be getting close to that one.

Gotta go..... I owe someone a home-cooked meal.