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Never a dull moment...

Posted 8/5/2011 5:47pm by Jeanette Wilson.

We are sweating it out with the rest of the nation right now as we move into our final month of summer.


Days start as soon as we can see to do anything to try to get ahead of the humidity-heat combo that seems to build from about 9 am on to peak in late day.  Its easy to get lethargic and we keep telling each other to drink plenty of water.  But just when you aren't expecting it - something will happen to wake you up.  Today was like that.  

I started cutting some flowers early, then headed to start packing meat coolers for tomorrow's market.  Frank fed everything early.  Garrett started by picking tomatoes and moved on to other things.  At about two oclock I was taking some young friends to see the two-day-old chicks in the little brooder house.  We stepped inside the low-roofed little barn and they were anxious to hold a chick.  

We all got into the pen, and I was explaining how to hold them gently with two hands.  Suddenly, I heard a thud, saw something black, and thought for a minute that I had knocked something loose connected to the brooder lights.  Maybe an extension cord.  Then it moved.  My heart hit warp speed, and I told the kids to "let's take those chicks right outside.  Come on, don't worry."  Inside I was feeling like "run for your lives!"  Just kidding, but I did have the presence of mind to see if that invader had any telltale lumps meaning he had already swallowed one of the biddies.  


Seeing none, we did take our chicks outside and called for Garrett who was picking blueberries accross the hill.  He came and managed to run off the snake, but that will just mean we will face it again.  (Technically, that means Frank, Garrett, or anybody but me will, I hope.)


After that excitement, we decided to pick a blueberry ourselves, and sample my Dads grapes.  Everyone seemed to like that.  They still wanted to see  the barn, though, so we loaded up and went down the hill.  Once there, both kids were out of the car like a flash and running toward the open barn doors.  I said something like, "watch out, remember there could be a snake" at which point the oldest looked to his right while racing in, and said well, there is a skunk!"  


Now my kids say I can smell danger a mile away - but I certainly knew we were getting pretty close to a gigantic smell.  We all took a peek and fled, leaving skunk managment to Anthony and Garrett.  So much for an ordinary day - what are those anyway?