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Posted 8/9/2010 8:47pm by Jeanette Wilson.

As the August night insects indicate, summer is in its hottest days and soon it will be past.  We have invested many hours this summer in everything from picking produce to processing chickens.  Last winters calves are now weaned and on their own, munching almost as one in a tight-knit group.  Weeds have grown, too, but not enough to take away room for delights like our old varieties of tomatoes and

so many other delicious summer-only treats.  Now the apples are getting heavy in the orchard and blueberries are there for every day's cereal if we want.  

One endeavor which we put quite a lot of effort into will be ending soon - and hopefully lessons learned will be applied in new and more suitable ways.  Our "Loca-Motive" market booth took many hours and proved that our most enthusiastic customers are those who deal with us on the farm or at a more producer oriented market.  We appreciate very much the chance to try it - but look forward to seeing what are the best choices of how to both serve our customers and keep active in our foremost venture - 

farming!  As the summer turns to fall, we will be adding a new high tunnel greenhouse to our fields and starting more fall (cool weather) crops in there and in the garden.  Momma cows will get big around again - and we will be watching them closely in a couple of months.  And we hope to resurrect our home delivery project which was a treat for our loyal customers last winter.  Its good to know that changing with the seasons is not an end, but in other ways a new beginning.

Posted 6/21/2010 3:08pm by Jeanette Wilson.


What happens when you invite a bunch of folks over to your place?  For me, it makes me wish I could whip everything into perfect shape before we have a great time!  Well, translate that into an entire farm and that’s what we are facing this week. 


I know ahead of time that all the grass will not be “weedwhacked” (is that a word?)  All the weeds won’t be eliminated.  Animals can be shy around visitors – or just want to hide in the coolest spot.


But – we are really looking forward to being on the Family Farm Tour for 2010 and I know it will be a fun time for folks who have been wondering just what kind of place we are.  So come see us this weekend – and overlook anything we didn’t get done.  Get some fresh chicken, pick up some beef and see the next steers who are almost ready to go.  Be prepared to walk around and get to know us in our native setting. 

Posted 6/21/2010 3:02pm by Jeanette Wilson.


Summer is upon us and I have some catching up to do as far as blog-work!  It has been a very productive spring with many new adventures. 


Our lives changed for the best when we gained a valuable helper in Garrett Earhart who came to manage our vegetable production.  Beginning in late winter, Garrett took over the starting of transplants and outdoor planting and is now continuing as we keep starting things which will mature in the fall.  At the same time, tailgate markets are well underway, so lots of harvesting happens each week.  Anthony, our youngest lends his efforts to that as well.  Nathan comes home from work and is willing to get on a tractor for some late day hay work.


All of us keep tag-teaming to get all the enterprises taken care of.  One of the newest is a 6 days-a-week commitment to a booth at the WNC Farmers Market in Asheville.  Our stand is called The Loca-Motive Market, and we specialize in ours and other mountain farmers’ naturally grown meats, trout, and some vegetables.  In a slow economy, it is hard to gauge the long-term success yet, but it is always a treat when someone finds us there and is Thrilled!!!. 

If you are out exploring, please look us up. 


Posted 3/17/2010 6:33am by Jeanette Wilson.

Back in the depth of this long winter, we had a visit from a couple of folks who do a nice blog about life and food here in the mountains.  Their emphasis is on many types of great food and aspects of growing it.   Every so often they feature a visit to a local farm and our was the first.  After reading their nice article, even I was inspired to appreciate anew what we have the chance to do.  Check it out at  

Posted 1/18/2010 7:54pm by Jeanette Wilson.

It has been a few years since we had a snow that lasted almost a month on the ground here!

Fortunately, the calves had all arrived safely before the snow started on December 17, and we had enough provisions and backup heat to keep us comfortable.  But it has been a month, now and still in the woods, there are patches of snow.  Today's warmth finally began to soften everything up, and it looks like it will turn into our typical mid-winter mud for a while until spring truly begins.

During these days, lots of repairs get done around here, and we are encouraged with many dreams for the growing season ahead.  Seed orders grow larger the more we dream, and every day the sunlight lasts just a little longer.  

Posted 9/25/2009 11:24am by Jeanette Wilson.

in due time, one of us will learn to post entries about all the action that happens around here.

Right now, it is calving season, so most of that excitement happens in a section of pasture which our Momma cows seems to have designated as "the maternity ward".  That keeps us looking often to see new calves getting a quick checkup from Mom and a first meal.  Now that's more exciting than staying indoors to blog, but we'll keep trying.